Summer 2020 Newsletter

Hello members and other readers,

Even with the best laid plans our calendar of meetings and excursions has been highly interrupted due to Covid19 this year. This newsletter includes reports of those excursions we managed to complete and the Zoom meetings we held, some movies of our monthly virtual plant tables and some special reports and photos from members’ gardens. Our featured image is a photo of a Darwinia taxifolia ssp microlaena that Ray and Eva Turner have provided. Thanks.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Covid19 Lockdown

Back in July when we were all in lockdown here on the Peninsula many of us spent a lot of time in our gardens. Member, Robyn Tyson had the pre-spring pleasure of her native Hibiscus being in bloom. The pink Hibiscus splendens has interesting grey hairy leaves and vibrant large pink flowers  which unfortunately only last a day. It is a quick growing tallish shrub from NSW and Qld. Robyn’s handles being in a fairly shady spot.

 And here is the yellow flowering Hibiscus heterophyllus with sandpaper dark green leaves. These are in the Malvaceae family.Thanks for sharing Robyn.

Tuesday 15th September – Alice Springs to Perth

Our very own Verena Reich was our September guest speaker via Zoom. She gave a detailed talk accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation of her trip from Alice Springs to Perth, through various bioregions in mostly desert parts of central Australia. You can see an edited highlights version of her Powerpoint presentation in the movie below.

September Plant Table

Our first experiment at running meeting using the Zoom app included showing a virtual plant table featured a wide variety of beautiful flowering native plants. Thanks to all who sent in photos. Here is a movie of the virtual plant table.

September Plant of the Month

Member, Heather Goddard was lucky enough to have a few Banksias in bloom during September. Here is a lovely Banksia ornata

Banksia ornata – Desert Banksia

and below her Banksia spinulosa,’ Black magic’. Thanks for making us jealous Heather.

Banksia spinulosa Black Magic

Tuesday 20th October – Eremophilas

Our meeting started with our Annual general meeting. We welcomed Robyn Tyson to the position of Leader. Robyn gave a short speech thanking our previous leader of ten years, Verena Reich, for her work and commitment she has given our group. Verena is now Vice president. Our previous Vice President also stood down and his work on the committee was also noted. New members to the committee are  Sue Gilbert and Rob Powell.

Anne Langmaid from Melton Botanic Gardens was our guest speaker via Zoom. She gave us a an informative talk about Eremophilas accompanied by some beautiful photos. 

October Plant Table

Here is a movie that will allow you to see the colourful and varied Virtual Plant Table for October.

October Plant of the Month

Ray and Eva turner had many plants flowering in their lovely garden over spring. Here are a couple of their beautiful Darwinias.

Darwinia neildiana
Darwinia purpurea

Thanks for sharing Ray and Eva.

Remember, if you would like a photo of one of precious flowering natives in our newsletter please send them to our new email address, which is affiliated with APS Victoria. Here it is-

Please mark them Attention: Mark Allison and if possible keep the size below 1MB. Thanks.

Saturday 7th November – Devilbend Reservoir Walk

About 20 members attended this walk, led by Robyn Tyson. During the Covid19 lockdown Devilbend was one of her favourite walks. An interesting variety of natives were in flower to see during the walk.

Xanthorrea minor
Chocolate lily

The Daviesia latifolia plants were also in glorious bloom.

Tuesday 17th November – Neutrog

Helen Lovel, customer relationship manager, from Neutrog gave a talk accompanied by a short video about the virtues of using the various garden products that Neutrog make. She also held a Q&A time at the end of her talk, answering members questions, both related to growing Australian natives but also of a more general nature.

November Plant table

Our November Virtual Plant Table can be seen as a movie below.

November Plant of the Month

Brenda Martin has shared this photo of her Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus), which added a splash of colour to her garden in November. Thanks Brenda.

Kensington Station Gardens

Members, Ray and Eva Turner sent in this series of photos of mostly native plants they saw on a recent visit to Kensington. 

Thanks for sharing Ray and Eva.

Saturday 22nd November – Frankston Reservoir Walk

About 20 members gathered at Frankston Reservoir on a warm sunny day to enjoy a walk on the Heathland Bush Circuit, a relaxing walk on mostly flat ground of 1.8kms. Member, Sue Gilbert was very familiar with the walk and the plants we saw along the way as she had walked this trail many times during the cover 19 lockdown here in Victoria.Thanks to Rob Powell for photos he sent in to supplement those I took.

This walk is one of a number that can be accessed from the carpark in Jeremy Way, Frankston.

December – Flower Basket

Instead of a December Plant of the Month item we have gone one better with this colourful display. Here are a couple of snaps of a magnificent flower basket that member, Brenda Martin, has sent in.

Just stunning! Thanks Brenda.

2021 Calendar of events

The committee has already started planning meetings and excursions for next year 2021. Hopefully the schedule won’t be interrupted as much as it was this year. At this point keep Tuesday 16th February free for our first meeting and Sunday 21st February free for our first excursion.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas and all the best for 2021!

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